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  • What is a salon?
    A salon is an event to bring people together for meaningful conversations through casual interaction and the exchange and growth of ideas. Our salons are always private & invite-only. We keep the gathering intimate in a domestic space where our events are often centered around visual art with a hybrid understanding of visual culture - which includes philosophy, literature, politics, science, music, psychology, et al. We offer a space for stimulated social interaction, for we believe that discourse serves the greater social good. We want to create a space for you to think slowly, engage in intellectual conversation, and spark discussion and hopefully new ideas. The salon is a space for informal learning where all opinions are valuable and up for discussion. We foster an interactive experience and depend on the intellectual contributions of each of our members. To engage in a salon is to bring a willingness to listen and offer critical reflection. We have a responsibility to one another in a salon that is not otherwise held in the “town square” of the internet. All we ask is that you: Be kind. Be a good listener. Demonstrate sensitivity and thoughtfulness towards others. Show up ready to participate even if that means being an active listener.
  • Will there be snacks?
    Always. We look forward to nourishing you in more ways than one. Usually some wine and beer will be served at most events. Feel free to BYOB and be prepared to share!
  • I'm interested in renting a studio space, how do I do that?
    We have the studios on a 6-month cycle and they become available frequently. Drop us a line in the contact form, or email us directly here, and can put you on a waiting list.
  • I have a really good idea, how do I share it with you and pitch my event?
    Amazing! We'd love to hear from you. Fill out the contact form on the home page, or email directly and we'll get back to you. We post regularly on if we're looking for presentations on specific themes, but always happy to hear of new ideas!
  • How much is it to get into the events?
    Each event will have its own admission cost. Ideally, we'd like to work to a model where everything is free, as you are a guest in our space. We always accept anonymous donations through Venmo and Patreon. These donations will pay for speaking fees, transportation for presenters, food and wine, subsidize the artist residency, and all basic administration costs. Maybe some fresh cut flowers, too.
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