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REUNION is an inclusive community of artists, activists, and culture workers who share an investment in the radical potential of informal learning as well as a space for gathering and idea building located in the Arts District of DTLA.

With intent to build a unique community through the elevation of ideas, the space offers invite-only events such as salons, symposiums, and screenings as well as offers three large subsidized art studios with a rotating roster of artists-in-residence.

REUNION is responsive to the ever-changing priorities and interests of our resident artists and most underserved community members. As a result, our featured guests, projects, and resources are intentionally wide-ranging in focus and format.

That potential has been aided by REUNION’s simultaneous functions as an artist residency, a performance venue, an activist classroom, and a studio and gallery space with a permanent art collection.

From organizing workshops led by sex workers, a performance and abolition conversation with dancer J. Bouey, to electronic sound baths with ambient scentscapes, REUNION events offer participants unconventional opportunities for knowledge building and kinship with fellow Angelenos resisting an oppressive status quo. Even if they’ve never been somewhere like this before, REUNION participants feel like they’re already returning to something—to the kinds of people and possibilities that spurred them to be creative in the first place.

In short, REUNION is a declaration of hope: in the collective survival of artists, activists, and culture workers; in the capacity of artists to be cultural heroes; and in the idea that formal learning spaces are far from our only community resource when it comes to imagining liberatory futures.

- Halston Bruce, Director

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